A technical session for students of SCS(IT) and SET(CSE) was conducted on 13th November 2017 by Mr. Lakshya Jyoti Borah from Gratia Technology, Guwahati

The School of Computing Science (SCS) of Kaziranga University conducted a technical session for the students of SCS(IT) and SET(CSE) on the 13th of November. The aim of the session was to technically motivate the students on Cyber Security a very important field of the Information and communication technology and Computer Science. The guest for the session was Mr. Lakshya Jyoti Borah from Gratia Technology, Guwahati, Assam.
Mr. Borah is one of the best cyber experts of India from North East India. He is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer(CTO) of Guwahati company called Gratia Technology Private Limited and currently working on the domain of cyber security and speech based technology. He has the expertise in professional web penetration testing for both government and corporate sectors. He was chosen as one of the top and best cyber security expert by NYU and invited as a speaker in the international conference ( 4th Annual Conference ) CSAW 2017 jointly hosted by IIT Kanpur, New York University and Abu Dhabi on the topic "Latest Threat to Mobile Based Application and Security".

It was an inspiring technical session lead by him. The students got to learn a lot about Cyber security and the threat that is caused the hacking in the society. He also gave the students many tips to tackle hacking and to recognize the signs of hacking. The students were very enthusiastic in the whole session and all of their doubts were very graciously cleared by Mr. Borah.