Your Life in KU

We understand and endorse the view that for a comprehensive and effective learning experience, active and engaging, yet stress-free, student life is the key. Kaziranga University’s key focus area is to ensure enabling and motivating environment for students so that they expand their wings fully and grow and evolve into learned and enthusiastic professionals. The student life experience at KU is set to be shaped in diverse and advantageous manner to engage learners both academically as well as conscientiously.

This comes in the backdrop of host of resources that enable students in their phased and planned transition to the professional world. KU can be looked upon as an avenue for meaningful discovery, academic enrichment, realistic world experience, competitive soft-skills training, camaraderie, and enduring friendships and team-building. The all-round development is backed by stimulating clubs and activities that include Body and Soul Club, Community Club, Corporate Club, Innovation Club and Performing Art Club.

Body & Soul Club

Art and Culture Club

Literary Club

Community Club

Entrepreneurship Club
KU Business Incubation Centre

Grasping the trends of contemporary world and the landscape of start-ups in technology, the University has undertaken a well-planned initiative to provide a business incubation centre in the campus for nurturing thoughts and ideas and opening prospects for enriched and effectual entrepreneurial growth. The underlying idea is to promote innovation and research and development for the all-around positive impact on the region. The KU Business Incubation Centre is committed to providing hands-on experience and useful knowledge, along with opportunities to potential entrepreneurs and students that will help them become aware of current happenings and plan a bright and promising career in entrepreneurship.