Why Recruit At KU

  • The course curriculum is prepared in consultation with industry experts and is upgradedas deemed necessary.
  • Students come with diverse value systems thushelping them to learn from each other while participating in various curricularand extra-curricular activities.
  • University provides a platform to students to buildall round skills so as to enable students to cope with the real life challenges.
  • Students get requisite technical as well as human skill training to augment their employability.
  • Students acquire skills to identify, formulate and solve real life business problems and understand professional & ethical responsibilities.
  • All round skill development helps students to demonstratetheir confidence in handling real life situations
  • The students are exposed to project based environment, which helps them to build effective communication skills, team work, cognitive skills and leadership qualities.
  • Students are exposed to hands on training on quantitative aptitude, statistical tools and information technology to gain a better understanding ofproject feasibility and implementation from the perspective of a practicing manager.
  • Students get opportunity to get acclimatisedwith globally diverse work environmentwith respect to handling issues related to gender and cultural diversity.
  • Current curricula offers a platform for not only for a professional career but also for entrepreneurship, research and beyond.

For Our Recruiters : Invitation Letter