Teleperformance is conducting today a telephonic interview round for Computer Science Engineering students for HA Support Specialist profile.

Teleperformance is founded in 1978 in Paris, France as a multinational company specialised in outsourcing Omni channel customer experience management. The company provides customer acquisition, customer care, technical support, debt collection, social media and other services around the world. They operates approximately 147,000 computerised workstations with more than 190,000 employees across 311 contact centers in 65 countries and serves over 160 markets. Countries in which Teleperformance operates include France, UK, Albania, Brazil, Chile, India, Philippines, China, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Norway, Italy, Greece, Portugal, USA, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Australia, Netherlands, Suriname, Egypt, Russia, Sweden, Germany and Poland. Valued at $3.7 billion and headquartered in Paris, France, their revenue totalled in Euro 3,398 billion in 2015, services are operated in 75 languages and dialects with a market cap stood at $4.577 billion.