The university arranges summer internship opportunities i.e. on the job work experience for a limited period of one to two months based on career interest or current field of study. These internships are either paid or unpaid depending on the organizations, where the students undertake the on the job assignments.

Experience our students get out of an internship

Regardless of when the internship takes place or how much it pays, the experience can provide you with a number of invaluable opportunities, such as:

  • Learn about different work environments and get a taste of the “real world.”
  • Build new skills and fine tunetheexisting skills.
  • Broaden professional network for future job opportunities.
  • Benefit from one-on-one mentorships.
  • Get a real life understanding of various functions of an organization.
  • Opportunity for the students to represent the University as a brand ambassador.
  • Turn an internship into a full-time job opportunity.

Not every internship is the same and what an intern do day to day basis can vary widely depending on the company. What’s most important is to understand what an intern is going to get out of an internship so as to alignhis/her career aspiration with the real life situations.