Career Development and Placement Cell - Vision and Mission


Kaziranga University has been in the forefront of activities by bringing both corporate and companies closer to the campus,furthermore encouraging them to establish facilities to cater to the needs of students.

The Career Development & Placement Cell in the university plays a pivotal role in counselling and guiding the students to prepare for their successful career ahead. This cell is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic program of the students and their formal entry into suitable employment.

The Career Development & Placement Cell enhances the employability of the students by conducting specialised training in aptitude skills, analytical skills, language skills, technical skills, business skills in addition to online mock tests. The training sessionsare conducted by professionals from in house resources as well as professional trainers from the corporate world. CDPC also organises internship sessions for the students before they join the respective industry as a preliminary exposure to what they can expect from the next level of their career.

Mission of CDPC
  • Committed to create job opportunities for all the students and provide necessary support that our students may need to convert these opportunities into reality
  • Ensure all round grooming of the students with the skills sets that potential employerslook for.
Vision of CDPC

To bea trusted and effective determinantto help the University position itself as an un-challenged leader among the private Universities of Northeast India within next 3-5 years by transferringtheour students’career aspirations into reality.