Dr. Ramesh Chandra Borah, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Patent Application Details

Summary Title
Plant Extract formulation for control of Red Spider Mite (RSM).

Name of the Inventors
Dr. Jadab Chandra Sharma, Dr. Nabin Chandra Barua, Dr. PR Bhattacharyya, Dr. Subhan Chandra Nath, Dr. Ramesh Chandra Borah, Dr. Dilip Kumar Dutta, Dr. Mantu Bhuyan, Dr. Archana Moni Das

Dr. Maitreyee S. Bezbarua, Professor of Chemistry Publications

A new method for the synthesis of substituted 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole; Maitreyee Sarma Bezbarua and J. C.S. Kataky; Indian Journal Of Heterocyclic Chemistry (Accepted for publication)(2014).
Benzylation of Naphthols Using Al-NiCl2.6H2O System; Maitreyee Sarma Bezbarua and Anurag Dutta, International Journal of Research in Pure and Applied Chemistry 3(1): 1-3 , 2014.

Conference Papers
A Novel Reductive Cyclization of 2,-beta-dinitrostyrene using Al-NiCl2.6H2O system for synthesis of Indole derivative; Anurag Dutta, Ghanashyam Bez, Maitreyee Sarma Bezbarua*; 8th Mid-Year Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI), National Symposium in Chemistry, July 10-12, 2014.

Dr. Jayante Kumar Sharma, Dean - KUSBS & Professor of Chemistry Book Chapter

Nanotechnology in Medicine; ISBN: 978-93-5067-394-2. Frontiers in Life Sciences (Reference Book), 2013. Awarded Best Article in Life Sciences. Author: Jayanta K Sarmah et.al; Kaziranga University.

Research Articles
Biodegradable Guar Gum Nanoparticles asCarrier for Tamoxifen Citrate in Treatmentof Breast Cancer 2014, Doi10.4236/jbnb.2014.54026
Effect of administration of tamoxifen citrate on xanthene oxidase activity of liver during 3- methylcholanthrene induced carcinogenesis in female albino mice Biology and Medicine, 2012, 4:3, 111-116
Decreased aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activity in liver tissue during Tamoxifen citrate treatment in 3-methylcholanthrene induced carcinogenesi International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences, 2012 and 2:1, 231-237
Sustained release lopinavir loaded nanoparticles: preparation and characterization,Research Journal of Contemporary Concerns: ISSN 0972 - 7922 (Cotton College Research Council), 8, 107-111, 2013.
Nanoparticulate systems for improved drug delivery: Preparative methods and Characterizations, Invited Article in DELVE, 2014, Research Journal of Nowgong College

Conference Proceedings / Workshop / Seminars
Direct observation of 2D crystallization at Air/Water Interface by Brewster Angle Microscope; Poster Ref: MT1012, S Kumar, K Dhabi, J K Sarmah, A Goswami and D O Shah; Poster accepted in Materials Today Virtual Conference: Frontiers of Microscopy, 2013, held during 26-28th April, 2013, UK.

Editing / Reviewing of journals
Food Research International; Publisher: Elsevier, IF: 3.549
Dove Medical Press Journals: International Journal of Nanomedicine; IF: 3.13
Advances in Nanoparticles; Publisher: Scientific Research Publisher, IF: Awaited
Current Drug Delivery; Publisher: Bentham Science Publisher, IF: Awaited
International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, Publisher: ESRSA, IF: Awaited

Dr. Nabajyoti Saikia, Associate Professor of Chemistry Book Published

De Brito J. and N. Saikia (2012). Recycled Aggregate in Concrete: Use of Industrial, Construction and Demolition Waste. Springer London, ISBN-10: 1447145399, ISBN-13: 978-1447145394 (November 2012) (included in the list of reference/suggested booksof a course, entitled, "Concrete Engineering and Technology", National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning, NPTEL- E-learning courses from the IITS &IISc and co-ordinated by IIT Kanpur, Funded by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India).

Papers Published in Journal
Saikia N.,Mertens G., Van Ballen K., Elsen J., Vandecastelee C., Van GerVen T. (2014). Pre-treatment of municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) bottom ash for utilization in cement mortar. (Submitted).
Saikia N. and De Brito J. (2014). Mechanical performance and abrasion behaviour of concrete containing recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as a partial substitution of natural aggregate. Construction and Building Materials, 52(2): 236-244.
Silva R.V., De Brito J. and N. Saikia (2013). Influence of curing conditions on the durability-related performance of concrete made with selected plastic waste aggregates. Cement and Concrete Composites 35 (1): 23-31
Saikia, N. and De Brito J. (2013). Waste polyethylene terephthalate as an aggregate in concrete. Materials Research, 16(2) 341-350
. Saikia, N., Kato, S. and T. Kojima (2012). Influence of Sn on the hydration of tricalcium aluminate, Ca3Al2O6. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 109 (1): 273-286.
Saikia, N., Cornelis, G., Cisar, O., Vandecasteele, C., Van Gemert, D., Van Balen, K. and T. Van Gerven (2012). Use of Pb blast furnace slag as a partial substitute for fine aggregate in cement mortar. Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, 14 (2) 102 - 112.
Saikia, N. and De Brito J. (2012). Use of plastic waste as aggregate in cement mortar and concrete preparation: A review. Construction and Building Materials, 34: 385-401 (included in the list of most downloaded papers, from June, 2012-till date).
Ferreira, L., De Brito, J. and N. Saikia (2012). Influence of curing conditions on the mechanical performance of concrete containing recycled plastic aggregate. Construction and Building Materials, 36: 196-204.
Ferreira, L., De Brito, J. and N. Saikia (2012). Influencia das condicoes de cura no desempenho mecanico de betoes com agregados de reciclados de plastico. Teoria e Pratica na Engenharia Civil, 12 (19) (May): 49-61, (in Portuguese).

Dr. Monowar Hussain Bhuyan, Assistant Professor - CSE



Bhuyan, M H, Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. Network Traffic Anomaly Detection and Prevention – Concepts, Techniques and Tools. Accepted for publication by Springer, International Publishers, UK.

Referred Book Chapters
Hoque, N., Bhuyan, M H,Baishya, R. C., Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. A Review on Network Security Tools and Systems, in Network and Information Security: Issues, Challenges and Research Trends, ISBN: 978-81-8487-314-6, pp. 36-45, 2013, Narosa Publishing House, India.

Refereed Journal Papers (International)

1. Ain, A., Bhuyan, M H, Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. Rank Correlation for Low-Rate DDoS Attack Detection: An Empirical Evaluation. in  International Journal of Network Security, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 474-480, May 2016, Taiwan. [Scopus Indexed]

2. Bhuyan, M H, Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. E-LDAT: A Lightweight System for DDoS Flooding Attack Detection and IP Traceback Using Extended Entropy Metric. in Security and Communication Networks, John Wiley & Sons, 2015. [Minor revision submitted, SCI, IF: 0.72].

3. Bhuyan, M H, Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. Towards Generating Real-life Datasets for Network Intrusion Detection. in International Journal of Network Security, vol. 17, no. 6, pp. 675-693, 2015, Taiwan. [Scopus Indexed].

4.Bhuyan, M H, Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. A Multi-step Outlier-based Anomaly Detection Approach to Network-wide Traffic, Journal of Information Sciences, vol. 348, pp. 243–271, DOI:10.1016/j.ins.2016.02.023, 2016, Elsevier [SCI, IF: 4.038]

5. Bhuyan, M H, Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. An Empirical Evaluation of Information Metrics for Low-rate and High-rate DDoS Attack Detection, in Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 51, pp. 1-7, DOI: 10.1016/j.patrec.2014.07.019, Elsevier, 2015[SCI, IF: 1.27].

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7. Bhuyan, M H, Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. Towards an Unsupervised Method for Network Anomaly Detection in Large Datasets, in Journal of Computing and Informatics, vol. 33, no. 1, pp. 1-34, 2014[SCI, IF: 0.50].

8. Bhuyan, M H,Kashyap, H, Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. Distributed Denial of Service Attack Detection : Methods, Tools and Future Directions, in The Computer Journal, Oxford University Press, vol. 57, no. 4, pp. 537-556, DOI: 10.1093/comjnl/bxt031, 2014, UK[SCI, IF: 0.79].

9. Bhuyan, M H, Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. Network Anomaly Detection : Methods, Systems and Tools, in IEEE Communication Surveys and Tutorials, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 303-336, First Quarter 2014, DOI: 10.1109/SURV.2013.052213.00046, USA. [SCI, IF: 6.31].

International Conferences

1. Bhuyan, M H,Kalwar, A., Goswami, A., Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. Distributed Reflection Denial of Service Attack Detection Using Partial Rank Correlation, in the 5th IEEE International Conference on Communication System and Network Technologies, April 4-6, pp. 706-710, 2015, Guwalior, India, IEEE Computer Society.

2. Bhuyan, M H, Bhattacharyya, D K and Kalita, J K. Information Metric Based Low-rate DDoS attack Detection: A Comparative Evaluation, in Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Contemporary Computing, August 7-9, pp. 80-84, 2014, DOI: 10.1109/IC3.2014.6897151, IEEE, Noida, India.

Professional Activities

Journal Editor

1. Section Editor - Journal of Computing and Information Technology (since July 2014 - present).

Journal Referee

  1. Computer Communications, Elsevier (Impact Factor: 1.35)
  2. Computers and Security, Elsevier (Impact Factor: 1.03)
  3. IEEE Communication Letters, IEEE Communication Society (Impact Factor: 1.46)
  4. Journal of Information Security and Applications, Elsevier
  5. International Journal of Network Management, John Wiley & Sons (Impact Factor: 0.52).
  6. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Elsevier Science (Impact Factor: 1.77).
  7. Journal of Telecommunication Systems: Modelling, Analysis, Design and Management, Springer-Verlag (Impact Factor: 1.16)
  8. International Journal of Communication Systems, John Wiley & Sons (Impact Factor: 1.11).
  9. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Computer Society (Impact Factor: 1.82).
  10. Security and Communication Networks, John Wiley & Sons (Impact Factor: 0.43).
  11. International Journal of Network Security, Taiwan.
  12. Journal of Convergence Information Technology, AICIT.

Conference TPC Member

  1. CCIP 2015
  2. BIC-TA 2015
  3. CSNT 2015
  4. BIC-TA 2014
  5. ICACCI 2013

Gautam Sharma, Assistant Professor - ECE International Journals

Kumar N., Sharma G., Sahi S., Kumar A., Sohi B.S., Estimation of Effects of Walking Speed to Vertical Ground Reaction Force, International journal of Biomechatronics and Biomedical robotics, Vol. 1, No. 4, 2011. Pp 252-257.
Kumar N, Sharma G, Kumar Dr A., Sohi Dr. B. S., Component Analysis of Ground Reaction Force with Respect to Variable Walking Speeds, International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics. Vol. 3, No. 4, 2011, pp 331-336.

International Conferences
1.Kunju N., Kumar N., Thomas B., Sharma G., Kumar A. , Sohi B.S., (2009), Comparison of Lower Limb SEMG Parameters for Walking at Two Different Slopes and Speeds, International Conference on Sensors and Related Networks, VIT University, Vellore.
2. Thomas B., Kumar N., Sharma G., Kumar A., Sohi B.S., (2010), Calibration setup and Technique for Gait Motion Analysis using Multiple Camera Approach, International Conference on Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering Recent Advances, IIT Roorkee.
3. Kumar N., Sharma G., Sahi S., Gaddam V., Kumar A., Sohi B.S. (2011), Kinetic Analysis of Human Gait Using Different Types of Footwear as Design Input for Activity Based Prosthetic Foot, Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference Biomedical Engineering (Biomed 2011), Innsbruck, Austria.

National Conferences
1. Sahi S., Sharma G., Kumar N., Kumar A., (2010), Gait Symmetry Index Evaluation for Normal Human Subjects during Barefoot and Foot-Wear Walking, National Conference on Recent Advances in Computational Techniques in Electrical, SLIET, Sangrur.
2. Gaddam V., Sharma G., Kumar N., Kumar A., Mahna S. K., (2010), Calibration Techniques for Indigenously Developed GRF Measurement System in comparison to Standard Reference Tool, National Conference on Emerging Medical Instrumentation, CSIO, Chandigarh.
3. Pulimaddi M., Sharma G., Kumar N., Kumar A., (2010), Synchronization of EMG and GRF Measurement System using LabVIEW and Matlab tools, National Conference on Emerging Medical Instrumentation, CSIO, Chandigarh.

Amlan Jyoti Baruah, Assistant Professor - CSE Publications

1. AMLAN JYOTI BARUAH "A New Multi-hop approach for sensing coverage in wireless sensor network", IJCSET Volume 5 No. 09 Sep 2014 pp-909-014.
2. AMLAN JYOTI BARUAH, DR. SANTOSH KUMAR SWAIN, CHINMOY BHARADWAJ "A Multi-hop approach for sensing coverage in wireless sensor network" IJCSET Volume 4, Issue 4, April 2013 pp - 345-348.
3. AMLAN JYOTI BARUAH, CHINMOY BHARADWAJ, DR. SANTOSH KUMAR SWAIN "An approach for solving target coverage problem in wireless sensor network" IJCSET Volume 4 , Issue 4,April 2013 pp - 349-353.

Dr. Jyoti Prasad Gogoi, Assistant Professor of Physics Papers presented in Conferences / Workshops / Seminars

1. Influence of Dielectric and Magnetic Properties on Single Layered Nickel Zinc Ferrite/ Bamboo Charcoal/ Titania Composite for Microwave Absorption, National Seminar on Current Trends in Physics Research, Darrang College, 2014.
2. Design and Fabrication of Perforated Microwave Absorber based on EG-NPR Composite for Applications in Wireless Electronic Devices, International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics, Electrical and Computing Technologies (ETEECT), Oct-2014, New Delhi, India.

Journal Publications
1. Single layer microwave absorber based on expanded graphite-novolac phenolic resin composite for X-band applications' Composites: Part B Vol. 58 pp. 518-523, (2014) *(submitted while working at Tezpur University, and published after joining Kaziranga University).
2. Expanded Graphite - Phenolic Resin Composites based Double Layer Microwave Absorber for X-band Applications, Journal of Applied Physics (under review).

Dimple Jyoti Mahanta, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Publications

Dimpal Jyoti Mahanta & Munindra Borah, Parameter Estimation of Weibull Growth Models in Forestry, International Journal of Mathematical Trends and Technology (IJMTT). 8(3), 2014, 157-163.

Anshuman Borthakur, Assistant Professor of Physics Book Publication

Tin Oxide & Indium-Tin Oxide Thin Films for Photovoltaic Application. Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, ISBN-13: 9783659458033