The Assam Kaziranga University believes in all round development of the student fraternity. Students enrolled in the university not only concentrates on their academics, but are also encouraged to take part in various co-curricular activities. The management of Kaziranga University wants this university to become a 21st century career university. Therefore to support this vision of the university, the KU student body is enriched with various clubs and activities engaging in diversified field.

Body and Soul Club

Body and Soul ClubBody and Soul ClubAn idle mind is devil’s workshop. The body and soul club of Kaziranga University operates with this motto to engage the student community in various sports activities. The idea of this club is to conduct various sporting events among the students of KU on regular basis so that the mind and body of the entire student community of KU remains fresh and healthy which in turn helps in improving their performance level in academics.


Arts and Culture Club

Performing Arts ClubPerforming Arts Club Arts and Culture Club provides a platform to the students of Kaziranga University to showcase their talents in the field of music and fine arts. The motto of this club is to organise various events in KU in the field or arts and music and nurture the talents of the students so that they can represent the university to the outside world.


Innovation Club

Innovation ClubInnovation ClubInnovation Club motivate the students to showcase their talent who excel in the field of science and technology. From its inception this club has motivated the students of KU to keep itself updated with the latest happenings in the field of science and technology and also to contribute in this field through their innovative ideas. The biggest achievement of this club is the development of ERP by one of its student.


Corporate Club

Corporate ClubCorporate ClubCorporate Club operates with the objective of connecting the university with the corporate world. The members of this club works in tandem to connect the corporates at the CEO level with the student community of Kaziranga University by organising different workshops and seminars. The students working under this club actively participate in the different workshops conducted by the well-known corporate houses of the country in order to make them aware about Kaziranga University. Such efforts of this club helps in bringing the companies to carry out their placement drives in the university.


Community Club

Community ClubCommunity ClubThe community club operates with a mission to carry forward the message of CSR of Kaziranga University to the outside community. The club engages itself in organising various activities among the local community outside the KU campus. Some of the noteworthy activities which the club has initiated are blood donation camp, swach bharat abhiyan, community plantation, flood relief initiative etc.