KUSCS and KUSET - Message from Dean

Prof. (Dr.) Pran Hari Talukdar

Dean, School of Computing Sciences

PhD- Guwahati University
MTech- IIT Roorkee

Email ID : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is my pleasure to welcome the youth of our country to the School of Computing Sciences (SCS), Kaziranga University. The teaching approach of the university balances rigorous academic course work with enriching real world practice. The approach in terms of disseminating learning to students is inclined towards innovation and novel technologies rather than being a repetition of already established norms. Helping students give shape to their dreams in the sphere of computing sciences is the overall vision and long-term mission of the School of Computing Sciences.
The School has collaborated with iNurture Education Solutions so as to give an edge to students over other conventionally taught youth. This dexterous facility will take the students to a milieu where e-learning will prove as an enabler and enhancer of ground-breaking thinking. It feels thrilling and motivating to carry out the tradition of excellence, excitement and purpose that KU's extremely endowed and proven team has established.
Along with iNurture and best faculty in the field of Computing Sciences, all other aspects at the School are designed in a way to prove as motivating factors,thus the students at the Kaziranga University will find themselves in a place that will facilitate contemporary skill acquisition that will suit the needs of today’s industry. I look forward to your visit here on the KU campus. Meet the individuals who make KU's SCS such a special and enduring place. Join the community.